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Corporate social responsibility
Elito Tek is determined to be the best in its field, to provide the most convenient service, to create the greatest common interest for all stakeholders, and to fulfill the responsibility as a good citizens to promote stability and continuous improvement of society. We aim to combine vision, management, products and services, and to strengthen communication of CSR performance information, to respond to domestic and international capital markets, and to influence drive suppliers and lead consumers, in order for every party to walk away satisfied.

We have been providing services for 27 years in Taiwan. We started the revolution of the label machine, and while improving revenue, it also changed the lives of consumers, making the label machine a distinctive feature in Taiwan’s large and small companies as well as an integral memory of many a childhood. Our mission is to continue to be able to lead as innovators in the future, to provide consumers with a good quality of life and to become a happy enterprise with social integrity and sustainable development.